Art Collection Gallery

These fabulous hand spun yarns are the result of our huge passion in Art. We are deeply inspired by painters of different schools. So here you’ll find skeins inspired by the Impressionism, but also yarns inspired by Expressionism or Abstract Art. This collection is mainly made of luxurious fibres as superfine Merino (18.5mic), Blue Faced Leicester, Baby Alpaca, Yak, Tussah silk, Tencel, Seacell and much more

Paul Klee collection

Separation in the evening -

Separation in the evening – “1922”

House on the water -

House on the water – “1930”

Fout towers -

Fout towers – “1930”

Rose garden -

Rose garden – “1922”

Park Bei Lu -

Park Bei Lu – “1938”

A kind of cat -

A kind of cat – “1937”

Legend of the Nile -

Legend of the Nile – “1937”

Heroic rose -

Heroic rose – “1938”

Listening angel -

Listening angel – “1939”

Figure in yellow -

Figure in yellow – “1937”

The Art collection is OAK, One of A Kind, that means you have only one unique precious skein for each painting.

If you desire more than one skein, please, contact me for your personal customer order